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5 Work rucksacks that you'll actually want to wear

The backpack has a bad wrap when it comes to feeling chic on an in-the-office day. Bulky, lumpy and in tough competition with the sleek tote. But, from personal experience, lugging a tote around on the same shoulder for months on end will book you a one way ticket to the physio. Comfort wins out for me on this topic and there is a way to keep those knot-free shoulders while not compromising on style.

For every desire and situation, here are some options that will have you knot-free and feeling great.

The Slouchy Shoulder Saver (Oliver Bonas £58)

For those wanting something that does anything but shout, this sleek all black option is ideal. With a practical large main pocket, and a smaller outer pocket to easily grab the essentials, this is a safe bet for both comfort and style.

Fits: 13" Laptop

The Reformer at Lunch Hero (Sweaty Betty £95)

The only thing I find more annoying than having to carry a big bag to work, is having to bring a separate gym bag too. Never fear, this On The Go backpack from Sweaty Betty will have you moving seamlessly between the office and your next bootcamp class. Even better, it's made out of 100% recycled fabric!

Fits: 16" Laptop

The 'Clean Girl' Core (Kapten & Son £100)

The most versatile of the bunch, this compact, minimalist option comes in nine different colours and three different sizes. Perfect for resting on your lap on those winning days you score a seat on the train.

Fits: 13" or 15" Laptop

The Quintessential Model (Harris Reed Scotland £75)

I see a compliment in your future. Why have a simple rucksack when you could have one crafted with authentic Harris Tweed? This neat little number brings some much needed flair to the group without neglecting function.

Fits: 13" Laptop

The Timeless Victor (Longchamp £105)

For so long the Longchamp Le Pliage tote has reigned supreme as the corporate girlies bag of choice. But you've read far enough now to know my thoughts on what this means for potential aches and pains. Enter the Le Pliage Original Backpack. All the fine details and tasteful design with additional comfort and practicality. A win is a win.

Fits: 11" Laptop

So there you have it! The backpack lives on outside of your sixth form DofE excursion. Those who get it get it and those who don't inevitably understand it when they're forking out for weekly back massages.


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