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The best shoes for a day in the office

I'm fortunate to be able to choose the days I go into the office. I balance my schedule to make sure I fill up my cup with the social benefits that the office brings with time working from home where I find it easier to focus. One of the things I've noticed since I stopped being in the office five days a week is that I just don't need as many clothes. My work from home wardrobe remains static throughout the year, a pair of comfy leggings or yoga pants and normally a knit jumper or a quarter zip on top. With that, I find that, on the days I am heading in to work I like to make a point of getting out those more unique pieces in my wardrobe that often sit untouched. Even more notably, the shoes I rarely get a chance to take for a walk.

With spring not so far away now I'm hoping to put away my boots and break out some fun and comfy steppers. Whether you're in five days a week or popping into the office occasionally for meetings, footwear can have a big impact on your day. Here are some of the styles I'm leaning towards at the moment - loafers, ballet flat and a timeless pair of low slingback heels. Please consider these as inspiration to find something similar already in your wardrobe, and head to a charity shop or a second-hand app like Vinted or Depop before you consider buying new.


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